Standard Rules:

  1. Who starts the game?
  • Player with highest Initiative starts the game; 1 being highest followed by 2 upto 6.
  1. Can we rearrange our position after drawing Initiative cards for play to happen in clockwise or anticlockwise direction?
  • No, Players have to first form a team and sit opposite to each other. Players draw Initiative cards and game is played as per initiative number. Players do not change their position.
  1. What if all players in a team draw characters of Strength 4?
  • Players with highest Initiative gets priority to redraw character until a character of Strength more than 4 is successfully redrawn.
  1. How many weapon cards can I play in my turn?
  • You can play as many weapon cards in your turn.
  1. Can I play Infantry cards on their own?
  • You need to have atleast 1 weapon card to combine attacks from Infantry cards and can attack opponent.
  1. Can a dead player once resurrected use Potion cards to increase health by more than 4?
  • No, Dead players once resurrected can only increase their health using Potion to up to 4 only.
  1. Who decides to play as Pandavs or Kauravs?
  • Player/ Player in a team drawing highest Initiative card ‘1”, gets to decide to choose to play either as Pandavs or Kauravs.
  1. How many potions can I buy in my turn?
  • You can buy upto 2 potions at a time. However if you already have 1 unused potion then you can buy only 1. You cannot hold more than 2 unused potions at a time.
  1. When can I use Potion card?
  • You can use it in your turn anytime; however you cannot attack in that turn.  You can use 2 Potion cards at same time. You can also use Potion card to regain your life (when at last HP) if opponent attacks you in their turn.
  1. When can I use fate tokens?
  • You can use it at the start of your turn. However you need 5 cards in your playing hand to use fate token.
  • Exception – Nakul can use it before/after playing his special ability i.e. He can discard 1 card to draw a card and if still not satisfied then can redraw all cards by using Fate Token. Similarly he can first decide to redraw all cards and then redraw 1 card again by discarding a card.
  1. I have used all my Fate tokens, can I redraw again?
  • No, You have to flip all of them back, but in doing so you lose your turn.
  1. Can I trade any of my weapon cards or potion?
  • No trading is allowed. Only Shikhandi and Arjun can  exchange their playing hands if playing together.
  1. Can I use bought weapon cards instantaneously?
  • No, all weapon cards bought during the turn have to be kept in discard pile and can be played in next turn only.
  1. Who gets priority to select the Clan to play with?
  • Player with Initiative number 1 gets to choose the Clan to start the game.
  1. As Kripa character Special Ability, if I buy Gold card with Silver Card, who can I use that card?
  • As Kripa, you can buy Gold Card with 1 Silver Card (only one per turn). After buying Gold Card, you can use that card in your turn however the Silver Card need to go in discard deck and cannoth be used in that turn.
  1. How can Spearsman character utilize Bonus ability of Spear card?
  • Player playing as Spearsman character (for e.g. Kripa); when plays a Spear Weapon Card then it allows to copy Infantry Card i.e. If the player hand was 1 Silver, 1 Infantry and 2 Spear Cards, then player can use Spear cards to copy Infantry card. Both the Spear Weapon cards can copy that Infantry card at a time in a turn. In another scenario if players playing hand was 2 Infantry and 3 Spear cards then player can use 1 Spear Card to copy 1 Infantry Card and the rest of Spear Cards to copy 2nd Infantry Card.