The Team

Rajender Jaisinghani, Co-Founder

Rajender (RJ) is the Co-Founder of Nirvana Games. RJ is a multi talented, professional board game player. RJ has been instrumental in creating and finalising game art, music score for The Legendary War. He has worked at a gaming studio based in Melbourne in developing and successful deployment of mobile and web based games. RJ is an avid gamer and also an active member in organising board game groups tournament events.

Soniya Jaisinghani, Co-Founder

Soniya is the Co-Founder of Nirvana Games. Soniya has played a pivotal role in finalising the game mechanics and logical sequencing. She is an active member in organising board game groups tournament events. Soniya has brought her vast game testing experience which has polished The Legendary War card game mechanics. Additionally she also oversees production department and social media presence.

Mallika Jaisinghani, Youngest Team Member

Mallika is our youngest team member of Nirvana Games. The Legendary War game can be played form ages 7 and up. Mallika has played an important role in play testing of the game and provided valuable suggestions to make our game more kids friendly and easy to play. 

George Paul, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

George Paul looks after illustrations and graphic design for The Legendary War Card Game. George also works as an art and drawing teacher, specialising in hand drawn illustrations, concept design and sketches.  All original hand drawn art and illustrations can be checked out in Art work and gallery section. 

Graham Jadav, Music Composer

Graham is an outstanding music composer and has composed musical score for The Legendary War card game. Graham has created music albums, game scores and much more for various clients all around the globe. He offers freelance music service to clients. Check out original epic game score of The Legendary War - Mahabharat Edition card game in Original Music section on this website.