History of Mahabharat

Mahabharat – The Legendary War card game is based on ancient epic battles fought in the period ranging from hundreds to thousands of years back in time. It’s an epic war which happened on Indian Subcontinent. It lasted only 18 days but resulted in over one and a half billion casualties.

It was a battle of Right vs Wrong, Good vs Evil in which brothers became enemies, relatives slain each other, resulting in conflicts of kinship and friendship. It’s a story of dynastic struggle for the throne of Kingdom named Hastinapura, ruled by KURU clan. The two HOUSES of the family named PANDAVS and KAURAVS, their fight for supremacy and struggle for sovereignty. On one side were Pandav brothers headed by Noble Prince Yudishtar, fighting to regain what right fully theirs and on other side were Kaurav brothers headed by Dark Prince Duryodhan.

Their epic struggle for supremacy culminated in the greatest battle seen on this planet on the lands of Kurukshetra.


As known, there were 5 sons of King Pandu by his two wives Kunti and Madri. They were Yudishtar, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sehdev. All the Pandav brothers were embroiled in a dynastic struggle with their cousin brothers (Kauravs) which led to an epic war ever seen on lands of Kurukshetra.

Yudishtra was the eldest, followed by Bheem, then Arjun, Nakul and Sehdev. All of them were master fighters specializing in various weapons. Yudishtra was master spearman, Bheem a macewielder, Arjun the supreme archer, Nakul and Sehdev were master swordsman. In this epic war various kingdoms and warriors participated and supported Pandav brothers, some of the prominent warriors were Abhimanyu, Shikhandi, Satyaki, Drupda, Virata, Gatotkach, Drishtadhyumna, Chekitana, Bhima. (Shikhandi and Satyaki have been included in this base game. More characters to be included later on..)


Descendants of blind King Kuru and his wife Gandhari. Kuru and Gandhari had 100 sons and the most prominent ones were Duryodhan, Dushasan, Vikarna, Yuyutsu and Dushala.  All of them were involved in the great battle with Pandavs and were slained and eventual destruction of Kuru clan.

Duryodhan, despite being the eldest son of blind King Kuru was disqualified since return of Pandavs form forest. Duryodhan couldn’t fathom that Yudishtar being younger was to become future King. His animosity towards his cousins and ambition to become the king led to an utlimate destructive fight which resulted in  over one and a half billion casualties. He was supported by various kingdoms and warriors like Beesham, Karan,  Kripa, Jayadratha, Drona, Ashwathama, Shalya, Sudakshina, Bahika, Shakuni and various others. Although being most powerful faction in the war, Kauravs lost the war.

It is said that Mahabharat was the first war in which Atomic bombs were used. There has been debates concerned with these findings and mystery remains.

If you are more interested to know about Mahabharat then there are unlimited number of reference texts and books detailing about it available all over the internet and libraries providing historical information.